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Fire All-stars Vol. 1 takes you on a journey through the lives of fifteen of the most dedicated fire dancers in the world, each a master of their art. From Japan to France, South Africa to the United States, this documentary digs deep into the international fire community revealing the passion that drives these unique artists. Enjoy in-depth interviews and tons of jaw-dropping performances with a variety of fire tools including poi, double staff, contact staff, buugeng, hoop, fans, meteor and more! Not only will Fire All-stars Vol. 1 inspire spinners to take it to the next level but it will also inspire you to step outside of the box, follow your dream, and tackle your fears!

The All-stars:
Yuta, Imakokode, Sage, Noel Yee, Zan, Dai Zaobab, Rovo, Arashi, MCP, Andy House, Ronan, and Lester, Kamala, Hannah and Jade of Fire Groove!

Fifteen of the best fire dancers in the world
Mind-blowing fire performances
Inspiring interviews
Never-before-seen moves & tricks
Hilarious behind the scenes footage
Showcases a variety of fire tools
Unique insight into the intl fire community

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