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Are you tired of wearing a beanie or a bandana when you perform with fire? Are you tired of singeing your real hair? Do you have bad hair days? GrooveGirl Hair is your answer! Throw on one of our beautiful falls and you'll instantly notice the transformation. GrooveGirl Hair will make you feel more glamorous, confident and sexy then ever before. GrooveGirl Hair is nonflammable, synthetic hair that looks and feels completely natural. While GrooveGirl Hair will not catch on fire, it will singe and melt so be careful when dancing with fire!
Click on the following links to choose your color, learn how to wear it, and for information on our exchange policy.

Choosing Your Color
How to Wear It
Returns & Exchanges



Choosing Your Color
Check out the sexy GrooveGirls to see which one has your color!

The perfect deep espresso brown, almost black but not quite there... a hint of beige tones. No warm tones in this fall, silky, sultry, deep brunettes only!
Deep dark brown hair with just a drop of warmth... if you have neutral dark brown hair this is the color for you, if you have a lot of warm or red tones try Elena.
Medium brown hair with warm red and gold tones. Perfect for brown hair with warmth... if you have a neutral, cool or beige brown try Hannah or Kamala.
Beautiful deep fiery red with warm and cool tones. Not cherry, not orange... deep, fiery, hot, red! Watch out Jessica Rabbit!
Medium beige brown with a touch of warmth and sexy platinum blonde highlights. If you have light brown or dark blonde hair, this is the fall for you. The sexy blonde highlights will add a glow to your hair and easily blends with most deep blondes or light brown hair.
Strawberry blonde meets golden beige blonde with sexy streaks of platnium blonde highlights throughout. Just a touch of copper red in this one.
Beige blonde with platinum blonde highlights. Perfect for light brown or dishwater blondes and the platinum highlights will brighten up your whole look! No warm tones in this hair.
Platinum beige blonde with light platinum blonde highlights.
Perfect for natural light blonde hair... Not good for yellow blondes or dark beige blondes. No brassy or warm tones in this fall.
Perfect platinum, think Pamela Anderson! If you have that beautiful platnium blonde hair, then this is the fall for you. No beige or dirty blonde, hot sexy platinum!

How to Wear It

Put your hair in a tight ponytail or bun. Open the hair clip and place your ponytail
or bun inside.
Make sure the teeth on the clip go under the rubberband. Give your hair a shake to make sure it's on nice and tight. Grab your spin toy and go!

GrooveGirl Wig

GrooveGirl Wigs are another great option for fire dancers wanting to protect their real hair. Our wigs have a beautiful shiny natural look and a sassy style! They are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and make you feel absolutly fabulous. Your clients will wonder how you keep from setting your gorgeous hair on fire and we'll never tell! This has been a GrooveGirl secret for years and now we are sharing it with you. GrooveGirl Wigs are nonflammable, synthetic hair that looks and feels completely natural. While GrooveGirl Wigs will not catch on fire, they will singe and melt so do be careful when performing!

Returns & Exchanges

Number of Falls
Wig #1
Wig #2
Wig #3

Bronze Baby
Sun Kissed


We will only exchange/refund GrooveGirl Falls & Wigs if the hair has not been removed from the net and is still in it's original package.

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