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Duvetyne Safety Cloth

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Are you tired of using an old, stinky, wet towel as your safety cloth? Duvetyne is an essential part of your fire dancing safety kit. This heavy-duty fabric can be used over and over again to extinguish tools and to smother flame. Duvetyne is sprayed with flame retardant so do not wash it! You can use either side to extinguish the flame. Choose from our large size 36" x 54", great for extinguishing all fire tools especially larger flame props such as fans. Or if you are mainly extinguishing small to medium sized poi, staff and hoop wicks, grab our smaller size 36" x 28".

Large size is temp sold out!



Fuel Can

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This fuel can is another must have for fire dancers! It's lid can be sealed off tightly which makes it great for traveling and performing. Fire Marshals give it their stamp of approval because it's not glass (won't break) and it's not plastic (won't melt). The wide lid makes dipping any tool easy and quick. It also comes with a lid opener than can be attached to the can itself or somewhere else.

Price: $9.99


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