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Fire Jump Rope

Made from 5/8" kevlar rope with soft nylon webbing handles. This Jump Rope aka The Vortex will make for an amazing show!



Eating Torches

These are ideal torches for both spinning and eating. They are made from a 3/8" dowel with a 1" ball on the end for easy gripping and spinning. All of the hardware is sunk well below the Kevlar to keep it away from your mouth. There is a 4" brass sleeve around the top of the dowel to prevent it from burning up. These come small and large lengths.




Clubs are the perfect swinging toys for jugglers and poi spinners alike. Our clubs are 18" long with a 1 1/2" knob on the end and super absorbent grip, great for all of the spinning moves. These are a great multi-use tool!



Angel Wings

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Angel Wings are great because with one wrap of the chain the Wings land in your hand like clubs and with clubs you have a whole new range of options! The Wings are 15 inches long made from inch aluminum tubing and wrapped with extra absorbent grip. Each head is made from 3 feet of Kevlar and one foot of wick that spirals upward. We use the strongest industrial grade #15 stainless steel ball chain and heavy-duty quick links. Our single loop handles are made with soft nylon webbing (originally constructed for rock climbing, this is the strongest material available).



Groove Fire Fans

Weighing in at less then 10 ozs per fan these super lightweight fans are built with extra durability and the spinner in mind. The curved handle with the centered ring known as the "eye" is a favorite for many, allowing you to spin your fans then stop on a dime or do a quick transition into thumb spinning. Tricksters you will love these fans! It's dimensions are 16 inches wide from wick to wick and around 14 inches in height from bottom handle to top of the prongs. Groove Fans come standard with 1 1/2" kevlar wicking and four wicks. Comes is either a Chrome or Black Night finish.




Lotus Fire Fans

The Lotus Fire Fans are not only the most beautiful fans on the market but also the most usable! We have completely redesigned the handle with our signature "eye" ring and curved bottom allowing for precise stops, easy finger spinning, and quick transfers to the thumb. With its new shock absorbent design we were able to drop the gauge of the wire to a thinner and much lighter fan than most people can even imagine! This 5 wicked fan weighs in at 10 oz each. That's just barely over a pound for the entire pair! They are wicked with 1 1/2" wicks and have large beautiful flames. These fans span 21 inches in width and about 16 inches in height. Comes is either a Chrome or Black Night finish. You will not find a lighter, more beautiful fan anywhere for this price!

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The Turoflux could also be called an "arm slinky". It consists of interlocking metal strands that fluidly slide over your body to create a mesmerizing bubble of movement across arms. Lock your hands together and watch it as it crosses from arm to arm or share it with a partner by locking hands with a friend. It is slightly addictive as it feels like nothing you have ever felt before! It is perfect for kids, perfect for adults, and most definitely perfect for the avid dancer!

IMPORTANT: The turoflux is made from one continuous strand of thin metal. If this metal is bent or pulled on, it will effect the way it slides up and down your body and in many cases a bent turoflux means no more slinky action.

Price: $24.99


Flow Wand

This enchanting toy will get your body flowing and amaze your friends! The Flow Wand is fun and easy to use, great for performers looking to add a new tool to their repertoire and also for newbies who are just stepping into the world of movement play! The silver holographic finish creates a burst of rainbow colors under any light, no batteries required. All Flow Wands come equipped with swiveled finger holds, so you never have to worry about your string twisting up. Length 26" and Diameter 3/8"

Price: $24.99


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