Fire Eating Series

This daring art form requires great skill and deep focus as the fire is almost magically drawn across the body and placed into the mouth. Fire eating and painting will bring you closer to the element than ever before, dissolving fear and doubt, and creating complete confidence and awareness. These workshops are perfect for performers who'd like to add a little something to their repertoire. They are also great for people who are ready to conquer their fear of the flame.

In this 3 part workshop series you'll learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable with transfers, fire eating, tunneling and putting it all together so that you can flow through a performance like a pro! Students are required to take these workshops sequentially and must purchase their own eating torches for Part II & III.
Part I
Learn the basics of working with fire torches, fuels, and fire eating safety
Become comfortable touching and making contact with the flame.
Painting with flame on various body parts (arms, hands, stomach)
Basic transfers (hand, arm, stomach, tongue)

Part II
Review Part I
Basic tongue transfer
Fire eating technique
Extinguishing the flame in your mouth
Lighting a torch off of a tunnel
*must purchase your own set of eating torches

Part III
Review Part I & II
How to create an opening and closing to a performance
How to incorporate body movement and flow into performance
Where and when to use tricks to be most effective and exciting

1 wksp = $50
2 wksps = $90
3 wksps = $120
Optional: Fire Safety & Light Up = $75

August 8th - August 22nd
Saturday's 5:00 - 6:30pm

Fire Safety

In this 1.5 hour workshop we cover everything you will need to know in order to light up safely. This includes: necessary gear (creating your fire & safety kit), clothing, hair, all about fuels, fire extinguishers, fire bans & regulations, dipping, spinning off and lighting up, how to be a good fire safety, extinguishing tools and dealing with burns. This workshop is MANDATORY if you plan on attending the Lighting Up Ceremony.


Sept 27th, 4:30 - 6pm

Lighting Up Ceremony

In the Lighting Up Ceremony you will get a chance to explore dancing with fire for the very first time. Safety is our number one priority and we work hard to create a comfortable and safe setting for everyone. We encourage students to take it really slow their first time and to only do moves they feel really comfortable performing.


Oct 4th, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Fire Jam

The Fire Jam follows the Lighting Up Ceremony and is for all of our past & current Level II + students. This is a loose jam where we can practice spinning fire just for fun! Beginners are welcome to stick around and watch or continue lighting up.  You must have completed our Fire Safety Wksp in order to light up at the Fire Jam.  Please bring your own fuel and duvetyn.


Oct 4th, 8:30 - 10:00pm

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