Kamala's loving heart, intuitive spirit, and healing abilities have drawn people to her since she was a child. She began practicing yoga in the mid 90's to relieve stress and migraines, and rapidly began to notice the healing benefits of yoga. It made such a dramatic impact in her own life; she realized her calling to share these gifts with others. Kamala received her teacher certification at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara. Fire dancing came naturally to Kamala with her solid background in dance and yoga. Her rhythmic dance style has been described as beautiful, sultry, and exotic, manipulating every fire tool with skill, precision and grace. It's been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Kamala will remind you of your spirit and guide you with patience, understanding, intuitive touch, and mellifluous words. The strength and passion that she exudes for her arts is absolutely contagious. Kamala is a licensed esthetician and has been a make-up artist for over 10 years. She also specializes in public relations, marketing and costume design.


Lester has always been drawn towards the spotlight. Growing up as the youngest in a family of four kids he strived to be at the same level as his older siblings throughout all of their creative outlets. Realizing that he was blessed with the gift of balance and agility he first took to skateboarding and snowboarding to express himself. He was introduced to the art of fire dancing at the Oregon Country Fair and has been enthralled by its beauty and mesmerizing movement ever since. Today Lester is known for his jaw-dropping performances as he takes fire dancing to unimaginable new heights. He spreads the knowledge that he has learned openly and continually seeks inspiration from those open to sharing. He specializes in the double staff, contact staff, and poi and has recently been developing his hoop groove. Lester has a B.S. in International Business and a minor in International and Comparative politics from Oregon State University. He has many roles within the company, but focuses on product development.


Jill started her journey with Fire Groove in her hoop. She picked it up after Jillwatching the beautiful Vivian Spiral at a festival, & what a powerful tool it turned out to be. Soon, Jill was hooping her heart out, learning everything she could from youtube videos & the amazing network of hoopers online. When she started classes with Fire Groove & met Kamala, Hannah, & Lester, she knew she had found her home. She fell in love with the flow arts & the flow arts community. Jill was soon in Fire Groove classes for Staff, Double Staff, Fans, Poi, Palm Torches, & Dragon Staff in addition to her hoop practice. She upped her yoga classes & started to explore other forms of dance. Her hard work & dedication paid off & she had the blessing to join the company as a performer, teacher, & product maker. The flow arts have helped Jill to tap into her inner strength & power, sparking a new chapter for her as a performance artist. When she is not fire dancing, she works as an actress, model, & film maker.


Since she first picked up a hoop in 2009 Aya fell in love with dancing both in andAya out of the hoop. Dance has become one of the most important things in her life and is a source of grounding and connecting with spirit. Combining training from various teachers Aya embodies beauty and grace in her dance and brings authentic movement into her flow.

Aya now dances with multiple tools, including dragon staff, fans, hoop and feels empowered by flow arts to live fully and in constant exploration of new creative outlets and projects. She has seen the healing power of movement arts first hand, and is passionate about sharing, performing, and teaching anyone who wants to learn.

Ali Kat

Performance has always been a strong force in Ali’s life. She grew up putting on shows, and spent all her free time taking every movement class imaginable; from jazz, tap, and ballet to musical theater, gymnastics, and figure skating. When she saw her first bellydance performance, she fell in love on the spot. Ali spent the next 6 years training and performing with a tribal fusion bellydance troupe in her hometown of Eugene, OR.  Ali began taking burlesque classes in college, and it wasn’t long before she and several friends combined talent, a love of dance, circus arts, and a taste for the bizarre to create Travesty Revue; a dark twisted vaudeville cabaret. Ali drew on her growing immersion in the burning man arts community, and soon she was experimenting with fire dance as well. In no time at all she was playing with hoop, staff, fire fans, and fire eating and painting, which would soon become a lifelong love. When Ali met Fire Groove at one of her first shows in Los Angeles, she was immediately inspired to become a part of the family, and has actively been pursuing the flow arts ever since.

For the last ten years as a performer in LA, Ali has worked with FireGroove, Luscious Maven Pole Dance, and International Dance Academy to hone her skills as a dancer and increase her strength and charisma as a performer. She is also a Co-Owner in Hells Belles Burlesque, Hollywood's hottest neo-burlesque troupe and LA's largest burlesque school. Ali has developed her own unique style; melding elements of sexy burlesque flow, classical dance technique, firey sensuality, and just a little bit of rock and roll to create a truly individual teaching and performance experience that will leave you feeling strong, beautiful, and empowered through flow!

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