We LOVE teaching!  It is the most amazing gift to watch a student transform into a fierce fire dancer.  Our goal is to spread joy worldwide through teaching flow arts to as many people as possible.  We look forward to connecting with you and welcoming you into our open minded and supportive community! 

Still not quite sure if this is for you?  Check out some of the student reviews below and click here to see our 5 star review on yelp.

FireGroove offers an encouraging learning environment, fueled with a wonderful, knowledgeable staff instructors; quality products; and acts as a place that encourage dreams to come true - or at least invites you to learn something different, I love it.

-Lisa C reviewed on yelp.com

Taking classes here is definitely life changing. If you've ever wanted to try fire dancing or even just play with a hoop, poi or staff, definitely check Fire Groove out. I've taken several classes with them and fell in love with the community and the teachers. They are amazing performers and continue to be such an inspiration! I've been a student for a couple years now and found a love for fire eating and dancing w/ fire fans because of them!

- Jenn S. reviewed on yelp.com

Love the fire family! The instructors are very positive and supportive of new learners.  Very welcoming environment.  Be brave and give class a try!

- Renee B. reviewed on yelp.com

Words can not describe how great Fire Groove is. I've taken every single class they offer, (or close to it)  and every single one was amazing. All the instructors are awesome, very helpful and encouraging. Take classes here! They will change your life!

- Lora P. reviewed on yelp.com

Do you like to have fun, get a workout, challenge yourself & also meet rad people? Well then Fire Groove is the place for you!  Flow arts = the bomb!!!! In the short time I've been attending classes I feel like I have learned so many things & felt so good about all of it!  Playing with fire & hoop dancing helps me relieve stress while also boosting the fun factor of my free time!!!! Stop sitting around n reading my review & sign up for some fun classes!

- Francine N. reviewed on yelp.com

In less than 2 months, my girlfriend went from being a novice hooper to hoop performing at Caesars Palace in Vegas on NYE.  They gave her the tools to be a successful hoop dancer and enough confidence and training that on her last class they had a fire hooping ceremony.  I saw so much value in her classes and how happy she was after taking them that I'm going to sign up for their staff classes when I move to LA in a few weeks.

- Benito D. reviewed on yelp.com

I took the intro to poi/staff/hoop (got dragged there by my friend, mind you...) and I was immediately hooked! This place is AMAZING! Great teachers who are skilled in their craft, anxious to teach and help you, and all have warm, caring, fun personalities. I will probably end up learning all the different fire tools, which means I'll be taking classes forever, or until my body says otherwise. Join us!!! You won't regret it :)

- Vanessa J reviewed on yelp.com

These guys are awesome! I took a poi class here last Spring and everyone is super nice and helpful, not to mention very talented. Lester, Glen, and Siri are all top-notch instructors and fire dancers. They really create a family atmosphere where everyone is welcome, no matter the skill level, and encouraged to learn & have fun.  The best thing are the spin jams on Tuesday nights -there is usually a DJ spinning some funky tunes straight from Burning Man, and you get to see all their talented students spinning, which is a great inspiration. I haven't been able to make it in a few months due to work and relocation, but I hope to be able to come back soon and practice some more. Much love.

- Chris W. reviewed on yelp.com

I've been learning with Fire Groove on and off for over 2 years. I spread the word about these wonderful people as often as I can. When I've picked up one tool, I can't wait to learn another! I love when people ask me "HOW DID YOU LEARN TO DO THAT?!" and I always tell them Fire Groove. They will be part of my life forever!

- Christine S. reviewed on yelp.com

The Fire Groove is a wonderful space staffed by accomplished, creative teachers. I really enjoyed Level 1 Hoop and also the donation based yoga. Looking forward to coming to the Fire Groove as often as possible.

- Carolyn Y reviewed on yelp.com

Fire what? Fire eating, fire blowing, fire painting.. that's what.
For closet and not-so-closet Pyros, Fire Groove is an excellent blend of safety, technique, skill and art.   I picked up a groupon for two (as mentioned I've a slight addiction) for a single fire eating class but we loved it so much we signed up for the whole ball of fire (warning: fire themed metaphors incoming).   What I typically hate about most any type of workshop is well, the word "work" to begin with and how it seems to take FOR-EV-ER to get to the fun part. Keep in mind, most Pyros are probably not the people you ought to count on for arduous demands on ye olde attention span. We like fire, we like fun. Sometimes blowing things up is part of that. It's pretty simple.   With the three lesson Fire Eating workshop, you get in and you start eating fire. Or at least, spreading it liberally yet safely across your body. Our instructor AliKat and her graceful sidekick, BooBoo (aka Brian) were quick to get us into it, by Day 1 we sported happy little fire kisses on our arms and bellies, and by Day 3, we were performance ready. I know it looks like a pretty bad a** thing to do, but there was absolutely no skipping safety procedures. What you gain is a whole new respect for fire, a great way to learn a new art form and a flaming time on a Saturday night.  

Angel L reviewed on yelp.com

I continue my love affair with fire groove.

As hooping has gotten more popular, there are a lot of teachers out there in it for the money. I've never felt that way about Fire Groove, they seem more interested in cultivating a strong and happy flow community vs just reaching for your wallet, which is something i hugely appreciate.  In addition, i love that there are a whole host of teachers as you're pretty much guaranteed to find someone who fits your learning style.   So far I've taken a bunch of hoop drop in classes, fans, poi, staff, and dragon staff and fully expect to take a bunch more classes in the new year.   Seriously I cannot recommend them enough if you are interested in flow arts and want dedicated, non judgmental instruction.   In addition they sell their own props, all of which are of really high quality and at competitive prices. I never felt like anyone was trying to put the hard sell on me in spite of that, which is really awesome....  and their holiday market still kicks ass ;)

- Bridget B on reviewed on yelp.com

I always knew that I wanted to learn Poi, but I had no idea that I would love it so much. I became very addicted and continue to practice nearly every day. The entire Fire Groove crew made it quite easy to learn; they are definitely some of the world's best. But the greatest part of all wasn't just learning the art of Poi, but getting to know all the instructors. After nearly 2 years since I started, I've now completed the Beginner course, Intermediate course (twice), and recently just completed the Advanced, all the while getting to know them better, and even seeing them at some of the big festivals like Lightning In A bottle. They also have get-togethers and events, and even have free yoga lessons in some park somewhere (lol, I've never been, but if I decide to pick up yoga, I wouldn't go anywhere else). The flow arts will add a whole new element to your life. It's by far my greatest hobby.

- Todd B. reviewed on yelp.com

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